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I update one story, a chapter with 4000+ words. One subscriber.

Start another story, only a forward up, probably 50 words at the most in the page. One subscriber.

I really can never win can I?

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So I went to my cousins house after work cause they were having a cookout and I hadn’t seen the Back music video yet
So I’m like excuse me fellow cousin I will be watching this if you hear strange words you don’t understand it’s probably Korean
And so you know how Back starts off all ballad sounding and it builds up until the beat drops?
Well he was like “I’m gonna go outside to get food”
& at the point it was like 2 seconds from the beat dropping
And when he got to the door the beat dropped he literally turned around and went to sit on the sofa “to check Facebook”
& so he leaves after the song is over

Yeah kpop isn’t interesting
You totally didn’t just sit through that whole song
He jammed to bonamana two years ago


Someone’s in denial

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I love how Kris is literally just shaming SM by just existing, he doesn’t even NEED to say anything, Wu Yi Fan, more like Wu Yi SLAY

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“But if you forget to reblog Madame Zeroni, you and your family will be cursed for always and eternity.”


not even risking that shit

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There are lots of talented people on tumblr. I, for one, am great at pressing the reblog button.



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